soft gradients

Gradients can be seen all over the place. So here is the main trick to ensure that you get a smooth border.

What do I mean? When looking at the top print you see that there is a somewhat hard line between the blue and rose color, while we there is a smooth transition between the colors.

So, what do you need to do? Mix the colors 😉

  1. Ensure that you have some space within your screen next to the print area.
  2. Ensure that your squeege is wide enough to cover the full height of the design
  3. When you add the colors it’s easier when there is a slight overlap
  4. You may want to put the screen on test fabric or a piece of paper
  5. Ensure that you do keep your screen firmly on the surface to avoid smudging on the bottom side
  6. Now move your squeege slightly forth and back (left and right) within the color area to mix the colors (try avoid apply color on the print area)
  7. Once you see the middle area between the two colors has been mixed sufficiently flood your screen as you normally would –
  8. and print.

It can be a good idea to print the first round on a test fabric piece to ensure the colors have properly mixed – and then only do the second print on the „real thing“.


Hope this short step by step guide was helpful. If you want to see a short video, hop over to instagram.

You can find the stencil here.