When things go wrong… go darker..

During the printing of the let’s do this design I wanted to print the text in a different color after having just printed the „lady“. I had not taped off the darker blue, nor did I align properly (should maybe have drawn a horizontal line with a trick marker). Being a bit of a perfectionist, I could not imagine wearing the print like this on my chest.. so I went into fixing mode:

1. I used the stencil for the background, where the outline of the silhouette remains – and is perfect for cases like this. My choice of color was limited – I had to go darker and cover the text and thus chose the dark orange, which already had in use. Already having mixed a bit on the background, I decided to add some rose color – and the result is what you see on the far right…

2. Once the „cover“ dried I added the final text in dark blue… Note – with the careful alignment of the stencil covering the white background and the already printed lady, the fix worked very well.

That’s it – for me the only option was to fix it. It may not look as I had originally planned.. but sometimes these fixes make it even better.