Summer Vibes

If you would like to print this design and don’t have the file yet, you can find it in my etsy-shop.

Using the text and figure stencil I first align where I would like to place the print on your shirt or any other surface for that matter. 

I have started by printing the white background based on marking a horizontal line at the bottom of the font and background with a trick marker. (Noting that the background is optional, and may not be wanted on lighter color fabrics).

Using the top of the feet of the background, you have a good indicator for placing the sun. Depending on the size you have selected for your print, you can measure and draw another line for where the bottom of the sun should be placed.

Once the sun is printed as well, use the outline of white background to guide the final layer. Pay attention to the elbows  as shown on the picture.

To get a better impression, please also have a look at my reels on Instagram, where you can see a quick-run through of this print.

In case of any comments or questions, do not hold back 🙂