Color Splash Butterflies

A slightly different way to get the colors on your screen popped into my mind, when trying to think about how to get some sort of smooth gradient color mix for the wings of the butterflies. (Find the stencils in my etsy shop here.)

I am sure, you have done it before… but maybe not, when screenprinting, so here we go, step by step:

Please note that I added some additional comment further down.. and a video of the print…(you may need to reload to see it) 🙂

1. Fold a sheet of stencil paper in the middle and apply some color
2. Fold the paper and try to squeeze the colors towards the edges to later cover as much of the design as possible
3. Turn the paper and place it in your screen (which should be ready for printing and positioned correctly at this point already)
4. Press evenly to transfer the color to the screen and then remove the paper
5. spread the color across the entire area to be printed, if areas without ink remain after removing the paper
6. to obtain a mirrored wing effect move the squeege from the center towards the sides
7. the base layer is now done.. let it dry
8. position the screen with the stencil for the top layer.. and go again..
9. almost done...
10. ... tadaa!!

The stencil paper used to apply the different colors in the first instance can be re-used. Just wash off the color, like you would normally do. Further, please note that you need to fold the middle vertically or horizontally depening on the orientation of your design, i.e. so that in this case the middle is between the two wings.

Beware to not press to hard, when you are transferring the paper from the stencil paper to the screen, as this already presses some color through the screen (which you probably not can prevent), but needs to be considered, as the layer may need some more time to dry, prior to printing the next layer.

There are two versions, where one of them has a slightly less detailed base layer, making it easier to place the second layer. Noting this, I recommend that you use a darker color that prevents you from seeing too much of the overlaps (unless intended).

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In case of any questions, you can write them in the comments, reach out via mail or instagram…

Looking forward to see your results!